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Partial list of channels, languages and countries of our content feed (MAXOTT) using the IPTV Smarters Pro player!

IPTV (Internet Protocal TV) has been on the market in various forms for about six years. The international feed providers consolidate live television, paid movies, premium movie channels and paid television shows from around the world and distribute that content via the apps IPTV Smarters Pro and IPTV Xtreme Player. Learn more about what content and channels are available below. If you don’t see you country listed here, contact us to learn the total amount offered for your country.

We are based in The Republic of The Philippines but provide this service worldwide. We have the one of the lowest costs on annual subscriptions anywhere atΒ $100USD which is 5,500 Philippine pesos annually.

IPTV is not illegal and has over 20,000,000 users worldwide. We provide free product demonstrations of this great streaming content via SnapChat worldwide. We have the best customer service of any IPTV provider in the world too. Click here to contact us and get up and running within 24 – 72 hours.

United States – 1,000 plus channels, France –  500 plus channels, Portugal – 228 channels, Italy – 305 channels, Belgium – 63 Channels, Philippines – 7 channels, United Kingdom – 283, Canada – 300 plus channels, Arabic Countries – 500 plus channels, Australia – 61 channels, India – 500 plus channels, Asia – 192 channels, Germany and Austria – 300 channels, Sweden – 94, Norway – 61, Denmark – 75, Finland – 34, Russian – 88, Eastern Europe – 200 plus channels, Africa – 341, Mexico – 218, Brazil – 128, Caribbean – 265, Hebrew – 68, South Africa – 128, Korean – 12.Β  Note: this is just a partial list. Graphics showing the hundreds of the channels from around the world we offer are that the bottom of this page!

Click here to view our more specific list of British Channels. Click here to view our more specific list of Australian Channels. Click here to view our more specific list of American Channels. Click here to view our more specific list of Filipino Channels. Click here to view our more specific list of Arabic Channels.

Here is a partial list of the 11,000 channels in 200 languages from over 150 countries we have programming for. If you have questions about IPTV, our services or would to subscribe, click here to contact us. An area Sales Manager will contact by one of methods mentioned above within 24 hours!

Graphic of Some U.S. Channels

Partial List Of U.K and Western European Channels

Partial List Of U.S and International H.D. Channels

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