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IPTV Smarters Pro has had over 10,000,000 downloads around the world since 2018. It is quickly becoming how people watch live TV, Series and movies around the world. Twenty-six percent of Americans thirty years old and younger use this app or similar apps and no longer subscribe to traditional cable or satellite television services. These testimonials are from active participants in our Peer To Peer Sales Network.

I had Converge television when I lived in Angeles City. I was constantly disappointed with just about everything related to it. When I moved to Baguio City, none of the ISP’s offered television services. After two years of research, I decided to give IP Smarters Pro a try with my ISP which averages 40mbps at my Android box and I’ve never been happier. The shear amount of content provided for 5,000 pesos a year is amazing! The picture quality is superb. I still find it hard to believe I can watch U.S. Sports Live, shows like Game of Thrones and Succession without paying for HBO Max or other premium services. With over 250 Netflix U.S. shows too, I canceled my Netflix Philippines subscription which was costing me more than an annual subscription to this app costs. Sometimes because of inconsistent internet speeds here in the Philippines, I experience buffering but not very often. If you use the app at home, I recommend connecting your Android box directly to your ISP’s router and not using WiFi to connect for best results. I give this app and a one-year subscription a 4.8 stars out of 5!
D.S. Clark
Baguio City 1/12/2022
I have been living in the Philippines since 21 years. I have always had a hard time trying to watch international channels especially live soccer, Arabic Channels and English language live television. I tried to use the Roku stick even Amazon stick but limited channels are available with having to spend a large amount. Netflix Philippines is not showing live channels although monthly subscription payment is expensive. Once I shifted my old internet from DSL to fiber I found IPST Smarters Pro and the over 11,000 channels which costs me 5000 pesos yearly means 416 pesos monthly or 13 pesos daily wow!

I disconnected my local cable subscription. I was paying 550 monthly with only 85 channels most of them are Chinese and local channels. No Arabic channels were available. I’m Saudi-Jordanian and I miss shows from my homeland. I found IPTV Smarters pro had thousands if international channels from all over the world. I’m not homesick anymore as I can watch anything I want from virtually anywhere any time of the day and night. I recommend this to all people to enjoy.
A. Muneer
San Fernando, La Union 2/22/2020
I think this is the first of its kind experience for me. I’ve have paid for all types of television and movie subscription services and nothing even comes close to this! Imagine 11,000 plus channels in 200 languages, including Live TV, Television Series, over 2,500 English movies, high definition channels and even 7 Filipino Channels, with all the latest shows and my favorite programs too. This is next-level entertainment! My TV as home as become a whole new fun dimension.
G. Cortez
San Fernando, Pampanga 1/13/2022
As an expat living in Angeles, I was getting frustrated with my limited TV viewing options. The cable just didn’t cut it and Netflix while great for series, didn’t have the news or sports. I asked some friends what method they were using to access Live Sporting events, international channels, and TV Series, and that’s when I found out about streaming.

My first purchase was a U Box which was great for streaming series and movies but there was no Live Television. Next step was an Amazon Firestick and this opened up a whole new world, including an introduction to IPTV. Once I discovered IPTV the only decision left was which service to choose. I looked at 3 or 4 different IPTV services and finally chose Smarters Pro.

With Smarters Pro I got the biggest selection of channels available in the Philippines, connecting was quick and easy and best of all it was half the price of other IPTV services. Thank you IPTV Smarters Pro, you made a believer out of me.
Peter Greene
Angeles City, Pampanga 10/10/2021
As an expat living in the Philippines, I was constantly frustrated with the limited selection on my cable feed. Then one day I heard friends talking about Internet TV and that was my introduction to IPTV Smarters Pro.

With IPTV Smarters Pro I can watch Live International Sporting Events, National and International News, Documentaries, Soaps, Movies and Series from around the world. Everything I want to watch is right here in one easy to use package. IPTV Smarters Pro has more content than Netflix, Prime, and Disney combined and at 5000 PHP for a 12month subscription it’s the best value streaming service available. Bye-bye expensive inadequate cable, hello Smarters Pro!
George Stephenson
Dumagete City, Negros Oriental 7/22/2021
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Mohamed Faisal
Saudi Arabia - December 2021
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